What customers write about Buchan TECH

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Corey saved the day. I got a new computer and needed his help to get me back functioning. Corey is professional, patient (he needed patience to work with my lack of technology) and is a great teacher.

Sally Manke

I met with Corey to address my long list of problems, quirks, and annoying issues with my MacBook Pro. He solved, addressed or found work arounds for every item on my list in a professional, friendly manner. He was efficient with his use of time as well. I highly recommend him.

George Foster

Corey answered all of my questions with patience and thoroughness. I plan to seek his expertise again in the future.

William Fowle

On time, knowledgeable, friendly and very good listener. I would/will be asking Cory back again. Thanks so much.

Loren Wolf

To Whom It May Concern: To put it mildly, Corey Buchan has been a godsend. As senior citizens, our grasp of computer technology is definitely wanting. Time and again Corey has come to the rescue when we had reached our limits with our iMac, iPads, or iPhone. Corey is extremely efficient in all things Apple….he is knowledgeable, patient, efficient, and a wonderful problem solver. We are extremely lucky to have him and his expertise as a computer resource expert in our area! He Is A WINNER!!

Jean Hatch

Corey was Fantastic. I had issues with my 5 Apple devices which were taken care of in my home. I did not have to gather them all up and travel to town. Corey also taught us a couple things about our phone we did not know about. I would recommend Buchan Tech with 5 star service.

Mac Magee

Namaste 🙏🏻

Bob Coltman

Corey fixed all the problems in a very polite, professional and efficient way. Thanks Corey!

Katharine Westie

Corey is knowledgeable about everything Apple, and was able to help me out in multiple areas with my Apple computers and iPhones. He is very patient, and good at explaining things. He is also a nice person who is pleasant to work with. Highly recommend Buchan Tech.